Evolve GTX review

Evolve Skateboards GTX review

Quick intial review of the Evolve GTX

  Evolve GTX review all terrain tires initial review So a little bit about me the last 2 years I have only ridden the onewheel, which I love. Once you get the electric bug though you want to try more and more different boards. Once I saw the release video I knew I wanted the board, but I really hated the gold in the video. After now having the board in person the gold doesn’t bother me at all and I really feel with the gold and laser cut grip tape the board has a killer look to it. A little full disclosure I have never ridden a normal skateboard a day in my live, and I’m 36 years old. I currently weigh 235 so I was a little worried about their 220 limit, I’m on a diet so hopefully I can get under the limit J. So lets talk nutz and bolts. The first thing I would say is a bummer coming from the onewheel board is the charge times 4.5- 5hrs what is this for real. It would be really nice if they let you swap the charger for their fast charger for a minimal cost rather than having to buy a whole new charger. Other observations not coming from the skateboard world you notice there is a lot more keep an eye on as far as maintenance compared to the onewheel it even comes with a tool kit to keep everything tight.  The GTX has a couple training modes me and my girlfriend started out in baby mode aka slow lol. Max speed I could hit at my weight was 4mph and the board was def struggling, but it was good nice and safe so I could get used to the ride of the board. I found it hard trying to find my exact balance just because I’m so programmed to the Onewheel, but I never felt like I was going to fall off it felt very stable and smooth with the AT tires. Now again I have never ridden another long board but I really like the flex and concave of the board combined with the grip tape. Everything felt super good and the flex is just fun….. I now have primarily run the board and eco and I’m getting more and more comfortable with advanced breaking and getting used to what do to do in emergency situations. My preferred training area is huge corporation parking lots that are linked together so I don’t have to worry about people-dogs-cars as a distraction. Compared to the onewheel I would say the Evolve board has a little more kick having the power come from the back, I can’t say if it has that much more power or if it’s just the feel of the different power delivery. The board was not cheap, but I feel like you get a quality product except for the slower charger included. So, the million dollar question is what is better the Onewheel Plus or the Evolve GTX? The answer is you just got to have bothJ    Evolve Skateboards GTX Review- Evolve Skateboards