G-Form pads review


Elbow pads-Knee pads- Hip Protection

 When I first purchased my V1 I had no clue about safety equipment and I purchased a cheap safety kit from amazon. After a couple rides I wanted something nicer. I eventually went with the G-form elbow, knee pads, and Hip protection. The G-form line is compression fit and the elbow and knee pads feel great. I also like that they take up very little to no room in your bag, with them being so light weight and compact you really never have a reason not to have some level of protection on. Now G-form on their site I cannot find any kind of crash rating for their equipment, this definitely concerns me. I would categorize this gear as light to medium protection which is a lot better than no protection. The Hip pads kind of feel like you have a soggy diaper on but this feeling goes away after a couple minutes of riding. I had one bad nose dive and I had all gear on, most of the impact happened on my hip. I will say I had a deep pain in my hip for about a week, but no bruising or scraping it was pretty weird. In conclusion, I feel the G-form products are a premium equipment and light to medium protection.