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Thank you Jeremy Gavin and OWarmor from the bottom of my back foot! Got the new Cobra Tail yesterday and it is Amazing! It’s built like a tank and rides so smooth. Without a doubt this is the best aftermarket OW product I’ve purchased, love that the new design works with FlightFins. Keep up the good work!

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new stuff! Cobra pad. EDIT: 10/10 would recommend

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Seriously, this deep concave pad is the stuff that Onewheel dreams are made of...
Locking in your rear foot adds a level of control that is unmatched on any terrain. I tend to hit the trails more than the flats but I do live in the mountains of WV after all. Heck, due to my own sloppy placement of some griptape on my beta test cobra pad, I recently rode the cobra pad with no griptape at all and it still handled my WV trails like a dream. Months of rough riding with no issues. Gnarly roots and dirty berms? No problem. Can't thank Jeremy Gavin and owarmor enough for making my Onewheel experience that much better. Appreciate all you do for this OW community, bro!

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The Cobra pad adds a whole new level of confidence to your experience. Your foot feels secure the whole ride from quick turns to deep carving.

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Just did 12 miles on the new flight fender compatible COBRA tail from OWarmor. Holy shit this thing is amazing. Very high quality and the black looks sick on the OW. I didn’t even stop once, the carve and control is impeccable... HIGHLY RECOMMEND for rear concave pad 

Well done Jeremy Gavin

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Got the cobra last night! Thanks so much Jeremy Gavin, I only got to ride a mile on it so far but I can already tell how much more control I have. I'm excited to go try it out on some trails!

Onewheel Foot pad grip tape

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Had a local Onewheel friend explain his first time trying my Cobra/Hoosier 6 slick combo as the way Morty experiences True Level. I tend to agree:

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True level achieved! Took the cobra out for a 13.4 mile ride and my rear foot was glued to the pad. The grip is super sticky and the concave hugged my foot perfectly. There was no need to lift a heel. Nicely done

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Look at that Cobra Pad glistening in the sun. Stop looking at the dragon. Just look at that concave rear pad locking your foot into position. No, seriously, that dragon is just an old uproot system that the hippies got busy with. The pad is injection molded with a solid easy to use mounting system that will definitely withstand the most intense abuse. It's true it could have been wiccans worshipping the dragon and I'm fine with that. But the Cobra is legit. It helps that back foot become the rudder that steers your ship. It reduces ankle fatigue. It makes the quick turn and the hard carve both easier and more enjoyable. I'm not saying that I charge here because the dragon keeps the board healthy, but I am saying that I charge here. The dragon approves of the Cobra with this ray of sunshine. Thanks Dragon! Thanks Jeremy Gavin!

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I received my Cobra Pad Friday and installed it Saturday. I ordered this the moment I saw it announced because I trust Jeremy's reputation in the OW community.

I have to say, this thing really has completely changed the feel of my ride. I was skeptical of what this would do, especially because FM had come out with something similar. I’m simply blown away and impressed.

Huge props for making this and thank you!!!

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The Cobra  Tail is the shit!! That is all.....Thanks Jeremy

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Wow the Cobra is awesome! I racked up almost 50mi on it day 1

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I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical of the Cobra Pad... until I got to try one. Wowww! It instantly makes you a better rider.

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Cobra Pad re-grip. I just want to add that this is a solid product. The quality of the manufacturing is flawless. If you have issues with pins and needles on extended rides, you should definitely give the Cobra a go. This Cobra is ready to strike!

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Cobra pad by Jeremy Gavin creates a well balance riding experience and a well balanced board

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OK, I have to admit the Cobra pad is a game changer. I guess I need to check out FF.

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After riding over 1,000 miles on the Cobra pad(XR) I could say many glowing thing about it but the #1 greatest advantage is that it significantly reduces foot stress. It offers more control and responsiveness which has saved my ass a few times❤️but now when I ride my Plus(stock pad) my feet are aching and cramping. I’ll be putting a Cobra on the backup💯💯

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I’ve been riding the Cobra for a while now and tried the OneTail Classic for about 15 miles yesterday. The OneTail Classic is nice and very comfortable and natural feeling but the CobraPad wins the performance category.. I prefer the deeper concave and bigger kick. I’m going to put the ProRide traction on the OneTail and see how I like that.