Onewheel Plus Review


Onewheel Plus the Powder is always FRESH!

       It was a long hard wait for the Onewheel Plus to Arrive to my home in Pennsylvania. I had waited months and when the day finally arrived I felt like a kid again. The Onewheel Product line is really something special. Every part of the product is an Industry first. They have truly created a one of a kind riding experience. Many Riders are over confident when first learning the board from their previous snowboard/skateboard experience. The Onewheel plus Demands 100% of your attention while learning to ride. This means no Facebook live videos- No selfies- No rocking out with your head phones blasting. Once you have put 50 miles on the board you truly start to settle in and the more you ride the more the board rewards you and your limits expand. I truly was the most stoked for the full sensor pad, the pad is everything I had hoped for coming from the Original Onewheel where you had a small strip you really needed to lock your foot in. Once you start riding the plus you don’t realize how much smoother it is compared the original, but when I switch back the Original, I swear I feel like I’m riding on a box of Rocks. The Plus Delivers on what many riders really wanted a 15mph cruising speed with no pushback at this speed, here the Plus truly delivers in Mission Mode with a MAX speed of 19 MPH. Now many people get hung up on the 19mph please keep in mind when they say max speed think of a cars max speed you wouldn’t drive your car 130 mph. Also, your speed can also vary based off rider weight-terrain-tire pressure. I really think its important for new riders not to focus on the top speed but to focus on the carve. These boards were built with the idea of getting that snowboard feel on land not to be a 0-60 monster. The OneWheel plus delivers on a great product with taking the next logical steps in the evolution of Future Motions product line. All great products deserve great accessories: Anyone who has been hit by a car can appreciate my reflective line of products, the OneWheel should only be ridden with all safety gear and Triple 8 provides some great options. Unfortunately, one day will come when you will be enjoying an awesome ride and you will run out of battery, when this happens it is nice to have a onewheel handle. One weak point of both onewheel products is the soft belly of the board is a thin plastic. Luckily provides protective plates to truly protect your investment when riding. If you have any questions feel free to message me   

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