Revolution Swell Review


New to Onewheel Consider a balance board.

  The Revolution Swell is the perfect way to start training to ride a Onewheel and also to increase your balance skills. Many people lean to far forward in the first couple rides when learning the Onewheel they then crash and blame the board for failing. The Swell really helps the rider get in tune with leaning forward and also training the muscles to be able to pull yourself back in a recovery mode. The board can also be switched over and the bumpers can be moved to focus the balance on left to right or heal/toe. The Swell is much harder to balance than a Onewheel which makes it a great tool for someone who doesn’t have any board experience to be ready to ride the Onewheel. The swell is designed to be used with no shoes and socks it has a very much paddle board with cushion feel. I have had my swell for a year now and it has held up very well, one warning I must give is do not use this product on hard FLOORS you will bust your ASS. Make sure to use on carpet only.